When tiles meet geometry

We believe that there are no limits when it comes to design. VITA gives you the chance to design, create and imagine your own space. Your design will be trully unique because each line will speak loud about you.
Wellcome to a world of shapes, colours, creativity and stories.

Our aim is to embrace geometry and breaking the laws. Geometry is always behind any design, but we want to twist it, pushing it to the limits and giving it a leading role. The lines are the chosen paths, the shapes are the places we arrive to. And the result is the map of our life. How is your design? What king of story you want to tell?

Highlighted models


Equis stands for x, and as you can guess, is formed by two diagonal incisions in the upper part of the tile that cross near the middle. Its various compositional possibilities connect us with rebellion, nonconformity, inviting us to break with the pre-established rules, from a dynamic and elegant point of view.

Vita plays with the stories that arise from every decision we make and that shape our lives. This collection is sustainable and made of durable material. The pre-cut is its main feature. The pieces are made up of very well studied lines, which are shallow incisions that can be filled up with any color of your choice. Their combinations can be limitless and the final results are surprising and inspiring.

VITA is a company dedicated to manufacture high quality decorative tiles. Our main characteristic is linear geometry, both symmetrical and asymmetrical, guaranteeing harmonic proportions, such as the Fibonacci series, golden ratios, two-to-one and three-to-one ratios.


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