It is said that life can be seen in many shapes and colors. Even that many lives can be lived. I am proud to say that design is one of them, since I grew up in Vila-real, the city of the ceramic industry, how could I not have it in my DNA?
After studying Technical and Higher Architecture in Valencia, I continued my experience in Dubai and, later, in Malta. Vita is a new small format collection born from innovation and grows with creativity.
Architect and Co-founder & CEO of Vita Creative Tiles. Thanks to his experience in projects
Miguel Ramia

Xavier Lledó

Co-founder & CEO of Vita Creative Tiles and Lledó Architecture And Interior Design Studio, Xavier Lledó has more than 25 years of experience designing successful pieces for renowned national companies in the furniture, bathroom and ceramics sectors

There is a wide range of possibilities, because only by combining the pieces themselves we get atypical and elegant designs. These pieces are full-body rectified porcelain tile, which is why it offers us creative solutions with great technical advantages at the same time. They are pieces of a very resistant material of great hardness that adapts perfectly to sudden changes in temperature, and are easy to maintain.

Vita plays with the stories that arise from every decision we make and that shape our lives. This collection is sustainable and made of durable material. The pre-cut is its main feature. The pieces are made up of very well studied lines, which are shallow incisions that can be filled up with any color of your choice. Their combinations can be limitless and the final results are surprising and inspiring.

VITA is a company dedicated to manufacture high quality decorative tiles. Our main characteristic is linear geometry, both symmetrical and asymmetrical, guaranteeing harmonic proportions, such as the Fibonacci series, golden ratios, two-to-one and three-to-one ratios.


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